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There was no Alaska-wide police force until 1941, when the Territorial Legislature created the Alaska Highway Patrol.Territorial patrolmen only patrolled the main highways of Alaska and did not visit remote areas or regions. The new agency became the Alaska Territorial Police in 1953 after a number of titles.The Alaska State Troopers is also involved in apprehending fugitives as part of the Alaska Fugitive Task Force, an inter-agency collaborative of Alaska police departments that cooperates with police agencies throughout the United States and less commonly with Interpol in apprehending wanted men and women.

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Alaska does have boroughs, which have some similarities but with lesser powers of lower-48 U. counties, but only the North Slope Borough police truly functions similarly to a lower-48 county police agency and thus relieves AST of a need to be the primary police agency in this particular region.The trooper division is divided into five lettered detachments, corresponding to geographic regions of the state, for general policing.The division also contains several bureaus: Alaska Bureau of Investigation (ABI), Alaska State Fire Marshal Office, Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement (ABADE), Alaska Bureau of Highway Patrol, and Alaska Bureau of Judicial Services.They were commissioned to only enforce traffic laws and were not police officers per se. The legislature refused to make them police officers until the agency was changed to Territorial Police and additional personnel were hired from the ranks of the U. Other titles were the Alaska State Police after statehood in 1959, and ultimately the Alaska State Troopers in 1967.They were eventually deputized as special deputy U. In a unique pilot program, AK Troopers even drove ambulances as patrol vehicles in the 1960s, serving as both ambulance and law enforcement service to remote areas.These Troopers receive specialized training in DUI enforcement, traffic collision investigation, reconstruction, and speed enforcement.ABI provides specialized investigative support to smaller agencies requesting help in cases and it provides detective services to all areas not served by local police.Before the founding of the Troopers, law enforcement in Alaska was performed by a succession of federal agencies: first the United States Army, then the United States Navy and Revenue Cutter Service, the U. Customs Service, and finally the United States Marshals Service after a civil government was formed in 1884.The need for law enforcement became critical in the late 19th century as gold was discovered in Alaska. Prostitution, gambling, murder, rape, robbery, arson, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and claim jumping incidents were rampant.The detachments are charged with division responsibilities within their geographic areas.The bureaus are responsible for the statewide discharge of their specific duties and overall responsibilities.

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