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He was an IT programmer, wore a Rolex and made sure I saw a picture of his Porsche (guess he was making up for the 2 inches).He wasn’t my type in person, he told me he dates once to twice a week with different women he meets online and sexually compatibility was often a problem in his past relationships, maybe first date overshare.He told me that in his experience if a woman didn’t seem to be making enough effort in her responses he would just stop messaging her and move on to the next.He also added that there was nothing to engage with on my profile so although making initial contact was easy, finding a common ground was then hard. Then just when all seemed lost here on Lovestruck, my old friend Mr IT popped up with a message “fancy seeing you here! I will give Lovestruck 4 stars, it keeps to its ethos, very easy to use, almost facebook-ish and it seems you could meet lots of professional men, not bad for £35pm.My next challenge was the daddy of all dating sites, we’ve all heard of Match, seen the TV ads promising to find us our perfect love story. The joining process was as simple a the Guardian’s, a short description and some basic tick boxes mentioning if you have kids, a job, age, race, and you’re good to go As soon as you go live with Match expect to feel like a supermodel, the men just keep coming.

My first toe in the online world was Guardian Soulmates, the very popular dating site of the Guardian newspaper.It struck me they were much more agreeable on the eye than the motley bunch on Match.I let the adoration pour in for a while before picking out a few to chat with.So it’s no surprise that I’m not a massive believer in the success of online dating.Maybe I’m too British in nature and self-deprecating to relish writing up a profile talking about my love of drinking and taking long afternoon naps, or should it be dinner parties and hiking to sound more interesting?Loses a point for being a little under diverse and if you were looking for anyone a bit more outside of the box you probably wouldn’t find him here.Finally, I tried Elite Singles, this site promised that it has a disproportionate amount of graduate professionals, 71% to be precise.Compared to Match the men on this site seems to be much more streamlined.Young, professional, city types, a lot referring to their jobs as “consultant” or “in financial services” working in Central London or Canary Wharf.I find the idea of posting my hottest pictures for strange men to pore over before deciding if I’m worth a wink, just slightly creepy.If the statics are to be believed 1 in 5 new relationships in the UK start online and half of all British singles have logged on looking for that special someone.

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