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Loses a point for being a little under diverse and if you were looking for anyone a bit more outside of the box you probably wouldn’t find him here.

Finally, I tried Elite Singles, this site promised that it has a disproportionate amount of graduate professionals, 71% to be precise.

My top picks were a rugby faced property developer, a bit on the short side, piano playing lawyer and a baby-faced doctor with a quick sense of humour. We met near where he lived in a little bar in Brixton, he was full of nervous energy and took about 15 mins to settle into a normal conversation, but after that and a few glasses of red I can say he was, as far as I could deduce exactly who he said he was and we had a pleasant evening.

He totally went in for a kiss on our goodbye which I thought was a bit forward and declined but maybe I’m a prude.

So it’s no surprise that I’m not a massive believer in the success of online dating.

I’ll give it to Guardian Soulmates the response was very “on trend” as far as the ethos of the site of the middle class, skiing, Guardian newspaper reading men.

You can choose your ideal partner on dress sense, which I liked since I’m a sucker for a sharp suit, profession (so I could rule out IT guys if desired), and of course for a chap who works close enough for a quick deli sandwich in your lunch hour.

I installed their new app on my phone and uploaded the same set of pictures.

Everything about this site would suggest a higher calibre of potential mates, to cut a long story short,(shorter than the 30 mins it took to fill out a multiple choice personality profile before joining, it didn’t.) If I seem bitter about Elite singles then good.

30 mins of questions asking if I was basically nice or a psychopath, then to be presented with 7 potential matches, none of whom I remotely liked.

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