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In this show, Carmen delves more deeply into the underbelly of our global patriarchal, rule-from-the-top society and makes astute assessments of the present shift in energies.

Her diagnosis is grim for those who continue to remain "asleep" to the multiple realities pressing in on every level.

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Here are instructions for downloading the files using various Web browsers: Instructions for Downloading MP3 Files download mp3 My guest tonight is JOHN HOGUE.

She mentions the brilliant work of Michael Tsarion.

Carmen contrasts this with the earlier era of Goddess culture in Egypt and many other countries, in which the leaders worked to uplift the consciousness and wellbeing of everyone, and received no material rewards for it beyond "lunch and a robe".

She discusses the Gnostics and the Archons, referring to the work of Jay Weidner, Carl Calleman, John Lamb Lash, and others. Visit Carmen's site for trailers, podcasts and more information about her work, and about "The Pyramid Code". Vatic is the author of the controversial blog, The Vatic Project, which puts out cutting edge "underground news" that you won't and cannot find in the controlled media (90% of all media). A huge turning point in her life surrounded the events -- 9/11, seen on "raw footage" live.

We spoke about her personally meeting JFK at the age of 16, her subsequent work with politics, economics and D. She and a friend both witnessed the explosions starting from the basement, moving upwards about every 2 seconds, floor by floor in a controlled demolition. From that moment, she dug deeply into the roots of our corrupt and evil global banking system, which owns almost all governments, creates "false flag events" for a predetermined goal, and subverts secret societies, the military, and all covert ops. This has been going on since the beginning of man's journey, and we discuss what is really behind the curtain and who the Wizard is.

We converse about Gurdjieff's teachings being complementary yet opposite to Rajneesh, regarding man's soul.

John is one of the foremost "rogue scholars" on Prophecy, Nostradamus and astrology.

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