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In this show, Carmen delves more deeply into the underbelly of our global patriarchal, rule-from-the-top society and makes astute assessments of the present shift in energies.Her diagnosis is grim for those who continue to remain "asleep" to the multiple realities pressing in on every level.We got into the recent report, just out January 25th, in which he indicates a huge release from March 25th to October 2011.Also, the forthcoming revelations about global corruption and theft, the signs of awakening, and a time when owning physical silver will skyrocket beyond belief.To listen to a program, please download its mp3 file to your hard drive and then play that disk file, rather than listening to the program directly from the server; this reduces the load on the server.Here are instructions for downloading the files using various Web browsers: Instructions for Downloading MP3 Files download mp3 My guest tonight is JOHN HOGUE.This show has a sense of urgency to it, with time accelerating and ramping up as we enter the Mayan calendar's final 9th wave on March 9th, 2011.

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Lots of terrific "aha" moments about the consciousness of water, the brain which is in the heart, and the need to love ourselves, forgive and face our own inner (and outer) demons.

We begin by discussing the recent upheaval in Egypt; Carmen expresses her unique views, having made 25 intimate "behind the scenes" trips to Egypt.

She talks about the mainstream media's deceptive techniques for demonizing the people seeking freedom in that country.

We talk about astrological events from now forward, the shift to the final Mayan waves on March 9, 2011, Dan Winters' work on DNA, magnetic pole shift last December, and the positive, uplifting energies arriving February 10, 2011 lasting 8 years.

Mahala puts out the monthly Planet Alert with archives, here: mp3 My guest is LUCIA RENE, author of Unplugging the Patriarchy.

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