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This baby is crazy fun and it knows it, which is why it ups the ante yet again.

A major character falls into a coma in this episode, which is checking off that K-drama trope box but managing to create genuine major emotional stakes with it.

Kang Joo arrives at the Jang residence bearing an apology bouquet and President Ma continues acting cold towards him.

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I don’t blame him for not immediately realizing Yi Kyung was a cold carbon copy.

Yi Kyung’s mom arrives and acts all worried about the sick grandmother and says the kids situation can be discussed at a later time. Kang Joo sends Yi Kyung home with her mom and promises he will be by later tonight to discuss everything with her.

After they walk away, Kang Joo lets out a sigh and then answers a call from Secretary Kim and reveals he’s still at the hospital.

El actor falleció antes de su interrogatorio el 12 de marzo en la comisaría de Cheongbuk por la investigación actual de acoso sexual en su contra.

El pasado mes de febrero, una ex estudiante de la Universidad de Cheongju acusó a Jo Min Ki de acoso sexual mientras era profesor en la institución.

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  1. I don’t want to feel like I’m dating a scented candle and if I’m getting a head rush from just standing near you, it’s not a good sign.’ 12. ‘This is a dating turn off at any stage, but at least when you’re in a relationship your partner will know that you’re actually a lot brighter than you’re letting on. When we split the bill, her card got declined and she had to admit to me that she didn’t have enough money to go on the date in the first place and then asked me to pay.