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For example, avoid nested or combined searches when possible because they can lead to additional overhead.Avoid Is Like statements and simplify the criteria wherever possible.Next, run an identical "Contains" query across each to measure any performance gain from a rebuild, as well as to gauge how long it will take to rebuild in the production database and schedule any necessary outage.This type of maintenance is usually only necessary on larger workspaces containing more than 500,000 records.Workspace administrators should identify which fields will be regularly queried, sorted, and filtered on in large databases for index creation.

This is to ensure optimal workspace performance for the review team.Additionally, use the SQL Server 2008 Activity Monitor in addition to the SQL profiler.Use caution and follow Microsoft best practices if you need to run SQL profiler because it can be resource intensive.For more information on SQL indexes, see SQL table index management.For example, if a document list view includes a sort condition on an un-indexed fixed length text field in a multimillion record workspace, each time a user selects that view, the executed query is sorting on millions of rows. Each time that a user selects this view, significant server resources are consumed. Document table column can help reduce the query time.If you experience slow keyword search performance, the full-text index may need to be rebuilt for that database.You can determine this in SQL Server 2008 by querying the amount of FT fragments.There are other SQL tools available to help identify long running queries, resource usage and overuse, and database locking issues.These tools are affordable and can assist in SQL Server performance troubleshooting.SQL Dynamic Management Views collect and store index usage information.There are scripts available to query this data for reporting purposes.

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