Truncate table updating statistics

Workspace administrators should identify which fields will be regularly queried, sorted, and filtered on in large databases for index creation.Any manually created indexes will carry over during workspace creation, because Relativity performs a full backup restore operation and does not contain any logic to delete indexes that were not created by Relativity.One of the more notable enhancements in SQL Server 2008 is Integrated Full-Text Search.In Relativity, the keyword search function queries the full-text index of a workspace’s database.If you experience slow keyword search performance, the full-text index may need to be rebuilt for that database.

This is to ensure optimal workspace performance for the review team.

Microsoft states that performance will suffer significantly if an index has more than 100 fragments.

We suggest rebuilding or merging indexes with more than 10 fragments.

Additionally, use the SQL Server 2008 Activity Monitor in addition to the SQL profiler.

Use caution and follow Microsoft best practices if you need to run SQL profiler because it can be resource intensive.

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