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You might hear more about this in the days ahead, and it has the potential to turn into a big media fight. Our public funding only covers some of the cost of producing high-quality, balanced content.We depend on the generosity of people who believe we all should have access to accurate, fair journalism. All you need to know about Presidential and General Election 2017 in Kenya.On Tuesday, August 8, the country will vote to fill about 1,880 positions. The leading candidates are the Jubilee party’s Uhuru Kenyatta and the opposition National Super Alliance’s Raila Odinga.I subsequently got a call from John Wright of Ipsos Reid, one of the country's largest and most experienced polling firms.Wright is irate at the state of polling in this country: He says a number of firms are using highly questionable polling techniques that lead to misleading results.Third, this is not a competitive polling firm issue: this is the lack of pure scrutiny by media to ask the right questions and to question the integrity of what they are being handed as "the truth".

The first exit polls should be published immediately after polls close at 11pm local time but votes are not expected to be fully counted until around 2pm on Monday local time (1pm GMT).

To read more about election related news, please follow Elections category If no winner is declared, the election will go to a runoff, which would be a first in Kenya's history.

Earlier today I published a blog post about the seemingly erratic poll results during the Ontario election campaign.

This is not about "polling"; this is about the willingness of media to source, produce or disseminate poll results with no scruples.

I got the sense from Wright that this is not the last he has to say about the state of polling and media reporting on polls.

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