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If you complete the challenge successfully, you will get to battle Lady Celeste or Rich Boy Liam.Lady Celeste is not remarkable, but after you beat Rich Boy Liam, he will tell you this gem: "Oh, I'll ask you not to pry into what I'm doing in the back of the mansion. If you go to the Pokémon Trainer Fan Club in Saffron City after beating the Elite Four, there is a Youngster there who will be your fan and asks you for an autograph when you talk to him, suggesting you autograph his shorts. Obviously, those are some of the most utterly random-looking passwords in the world... " One could interpret "trying anything funny" to be reasonably innocent, if not for that "Ew"... " They aren't always so subtle with the pervy references! ") In the Pokémon games, it is never possible to answer questions with anything but YES or NO, and R/S/E parodied this by putting a guy in Pacifidlog Town (the house on the left of the Pokémon Center) who asks you "Where did you come from? I've never heard of a place like that." If you answer NO, he will say, rightly, "No? However, the moment you wake up, she will not just say, "Good luck," or, "Go on now, child," or whatever other sensible thing she might say to send you off: she will tell you that you still look tired and should rest your Pokémon . In Diamond and Pearl, the Youngster at the west entrance of Oreburgh City stops you when you first come there and shows you the Gym, apparently because otherwise everyone will think you're a "noob". Ace Trainer Caesar in Byron's Gym will also call you a "noob". " The woman in Veilstone who massages your Pokémon will ask, "Which one needs a little love? The passwords to the Rocket Headquarters on Five Island are "GOLDEEN need log" and "Yes, nah, CHANSEY". ") before it was (partly) replaced by whatever "in" thing came next ("POKÉMON EMERALD" is, like, so last week! Both R/S/E (near the desert) and D/P (near Stark Mountain) have contained a creepy old lady in whose house you can rest to heal your Pokémon. This almost exclusively happens in Team Galactic; however...In the translation, the situation is amusingly absurd: why would he lie in the middle of the street waiting for coffee to come to him The developers inserted a truck on a pier near the S. Anne in R/B/Y, only accessible if you get Cut without leaving the S. Anne and then return when you have the Surf HM and the Fuchsia City Gym badge, and this little easter egg subsequently fueled massive rumours about having Mew hiding under it, which could somehow be uncovered if you used Strength. " And then she measures it: "Eeeek, it's 61.6 inches! A Gambler on Route 8 will tell you, "I'm a ramblin', gamblin' dude! This is followed by a series of ellipses, and then he says, "Ah! ", referencing your status as a (mostly) silent protagonist. This time, he will tell you, "I wear shorts the whole year round." Yes, we gathered. " If you look at Professor Oak's PC in his lab in Pallet Town in G/S/C, you will see an e-mail message from Professor Elm, signed with "ELM in NEW BARK TOWN 8-)". The sign outside the souvenir shop that hides the Mahogany Rocket hideout will tell you, "Just a Souvenir Shop, Nothing Suspicious about It, No Need to Be Alarmed." Apparently Team Rocket aren't very good at being inconspicuous. You know, for a kid, you're quite agreeable," probably lampshading the fact you're normally not given the option to simply refuse things like rematch offers. The trainers in the Battle Tower all say phrases made up from the same vocabulary of words that you can choose for trendy phrases and so on, and they get pretty ridiculous, such as "I AM HUNGRY POUND MY BELLY DRUM". I might be imagining this, but when I win battles, my shorts seem to feel, like, better. In case you didn't know, you're not considered classy enough to come into the building unless you have a Pokémon that has ten Ribbons (something that's rather time- and effort-consuming to do but has no other point). And now that we get to the second floor, there are these four creepy women who give you a "spa treatment" that makes the Pokémon at the front of your party like you more. It does not actually involve a spa, walking into a mysterious room that could be a spa, or a screen-fade-to-white which could imply time passing during which you could be taken to some sort of a spa. In Platinum (I don't think it's there in D/P), there is a Poké Doll in the bed on the right in the nap room in the Galactic Headquarters.Of course there was nothing to these rumours and the truck couldn't be moved - but in Fire Red and Leaf Green, the pier with the truck also has a hidden Lava Cookie, likely a subtle reference to the rumours of secrets hiding on this normally inaccessible pier. ", which is probably a reference to Bob Seger's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man". Another Youngster standing near him, Youngster Regis, will tell you as he challenges you, "Youngster? In the originals, the sign was just advertising Ragecandybars. Outside the Safari Zone in HG/SS, at the lower right, there's a woman with a Slowpoke. Emerald references the infamous shorts youngster with this hilarious Match Call phonecall from Youngster Calvin (courtesy of Larissa, who unlike me had the sense to copy this down): Yay! When you agree to this, they will all close in on you in a "MWAHAHAHA THERE IS NO ESCAPE" manner and tell you one of several random baseless claims about the ingredients in whatever they use in the spa treatment just to underline how fancy it is. Apparently one of the grunts must have forgotten a toy there. 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If you lose, she will say "HERE IT IS A SWEET KISS FROM MY JYNX". Chimney, there is a Hiker who says (before you battle him), "This is one fine mountain, there are many hot trainers for company! ...except that he is on a double battle team with a Beauty. Normally when you register a trainer in the PokéNav, the message just says, "Registered [name] in the POKéNAV." However, when you first register Scott in your PokéNav in Emerald, you hardly know him, and accordingly, the message is more hesitant: "Registered this SCOTT person in the POKéNAV." At least in Emerald, outside the Oceanic Museum when Team Aqua are blocking your entrance, the grunt in front of the sign will offer to read it to you, but he is apparently only barely literate, because he can only manage one line of it.The Pokémon games have never taken themselves too seriously, and one of the things I love about them is talking to the people in the game and see them deliver some unforgettable lines of in-game humour and references. This classic Youngster quote has become a meme, with the subsequent references back to this quote perhaps funnier than the quote itself. I didn't notice that until someone pointed it out to me. Apparently that kind of thing isn't allowed anymore. Some Guy: Then he also has a straight brother who wants to see big Shroomish. (Elsewhere in the game it is possible to get into an infinite loop if you keep selecting NO, but this is the only place where this happens with YES.) I think everybody who has played Pokémon has managed to accidentally heal their Pokémon at least three times in a row the first time they came across this lady. And when I battled you, [trainer name], my shorts felt icky and coarse. Hey, I'm not doing anything shady..." which, of course, can only rouse suspicions. Youngster Ezekiel in the Battle Tower introduces himself with, "I gotta say it, shorts are the best! " On defeat, he says, "I'll never stop wearing shorts. " He even recites the "comfy and easy to wear" phrase. In addition to that, there are two Lasses in the unlinked Mix Battle and Double Battle in the Battle Tower who say "I make it my policy to always wear miniskirts! " So the shorts Youngsters do have female equivalents...This section is dedicated to pointing them out to other people so that they may laugh as well. Regardless, the Youngster trainer class's amusing obsession with shorts has been there since the beginning: there is also another one on the same route who tells you, "Hey! " as he challenges you, apparently mortified by the idea. If you use the VS Seeker to rebattle him, however, his introduction will be "Fwahaha! In the Vermilion City Gym, the aide will tell you before you battle that Electric-types are strong against "BIRD/WATER type POKéMON". except in Red and Blue, where it was a glitch type only used for Missingno. A Hiker in Rock Tunnel tells you "Hit me with your best shot! Obviously, the idea here is to gently mock the hospitality of kindly old ladies and the general concept of the random person in a house who insists you take a rest there. And what's more, if you talk to her after she's already massaged your Pokémon and ask her how you massage Pokémon, she will get all awkward about it: "Tehehe... (In Japanese, the name of the Lass trainer class actually is "Miniskirt". " He seems afraid you're going to read something into this. Well, okay, there is a point to the building, which is the spa treatment on the top floor, but I'm not done yet. " In the Battle Frontier in Emerald, there is a woman who says when you start the battle that you will get a prize if you win.This is a bit questionable, but the arrangement of the bushes outside the Battle Tower in D/P is suspiciously reminiscent of Tetris blocks.On Six Island, after you Surf up from the right side of the island and get on the next island, there is a house in which there is a woman who likes Heracross disturbingly much. Don't tell me you didn't crack up when you battled him. Also there, in the back room, is a woman who says, "Master KOGA is so dignified... Why can't the others see the dignity he simply oozes? until you realize that they're Pokémon palindromes. Outside the Celadon City Gym, there is an old man peeking in through the window, who says, "Heheh! Even more amusingly, in HG/SS this guy says the Gym is "full of strong trainers" instead. " And lo and behold, your answer possibilities are still the perfectly nonsensical YES and NO. If you are just mashing the A button, you will be stuck in an infinite loop of healing from here on, because to escape from this lady it is necessary to actually select NO (and she will still try to convince you to stay). " when asking which Pokémon she should massage, and when you pick one, she says, "Giggle... OK, sweetie, just relax..." As if giggling like that when you give her your Pokémon and calling it "sweetie" weren't enough, if you actually to let her massage your Pokémon, she will say, "Oh!Some of them may be in many games, but I just put them under whichever one I first encountered it in. The old man who lies in the middle of the street blocking your way until he's gotten his coffee seems a bit extreme, doesn't he... There is a Gamer on Route 11, east of Vermilion City (Gamer Dirk, to be precise; he's in the bottom right corner of the route), who, when you challenge him for the first time, tells you, "Fwahaha! and probably a predecessor of the Flying type that we have now. " when you battle him, and when you beat him, he says "Fired away! When you meet with Steven Stone in Vermilion City, he will tell you about the people who have challenged him, saying that "they all looked the same, especially the ones who gave me really tough battles". The Name Rater is generally pretty tongue-in-cheek - no matter what you name your Pokémon, he will say it's a better name than before, and even the silliest of your friends' nicknames he will praise like there's no tomorrow - but the most hilarious part is that when you go to him with a Pokémon, ask him to change its name and then nickname it the exact same thing it was called before, he will say that "It looks just the same as before, but yet it is vastly superior! Subtle.) In the Veilstone City Department Store, on the top floor, there are two men standing side by side. The rich guy who owns the trophy garden below Hearthome City parodizes eccentric rich people. There is no staircase to the top floor, only an elevator. A Galactic Grunt at the Veilstone HQ says, "The locked doors only open with a special key.until you realize that in the Japanese versions, he had passed out from drinking. " Then she will give you your reward (I got a Nest Ball; I'm not sure if that's what you always get) and then, just to make things even more disturbing, she says, "I want to see a much, much bigger HERACROSS than that one. I wouldn't know, but I'm told that there is a Pokémaniac in Rock Tunnel who says, "Pokémon Fight! " This is apparently a reference to a Pat Benatar song. Anne, a waiter offers to serve you anything you please. Anne, there is a guy by one of the trash cans who is crying and sniveling... The "comfy and easy to wear" Youngster is still standing in the same place he was three years ago. Earl the teacher speaks pretty broken English generally, but the highlight would have to be when he asks "Want to be a winner is you? ", which sounds amusingly Yoda-esque, but may not necessarily be a Star Wars reference. He is obviously referencing the fact that he was beaten by millions of kids who all looked like Brendan or May. When Fisherman Ralph calls you for a battle, he'll go right from the offer to "You'll do it! " I don't know which games he does this in, but at least he does in R/S/E. If you talk to the one on the left, he will say, "Two buff guys standing side by side. When he is bragging about the elusive Pokémon prancing around his garden and somebody points out that he's lying, he doesn't pretend he misspoke or otherwise try to correct his mistake: instead he just sends his servant out to import some of those rare Pokémon (probably wasting inordinate sums of money in the process) and put them in the garden to essentially retcon his statement to be true. When Professor Rowan has told you to keep your starter Pokémon, Dawn or Lucas will tell you that if you weren't kind to Pokémon, they'd "have" to do something they apparently can't even say. The Ribbon Syndicate in Resort Area is a joke in its entirety. And note that there are only two floors; having a staircase would be dramatically less time-consuming, but the classy Ribbon Syndicate members aren't walking up or down any bloody stairs, are they? Instead, they employ a special woman who stands inside the elevator all day and asks you which floor you'd like to go to (even though she is well aware that you want to go to the floor you're not already on, as shown by her puzzled response if you actually select your current floor). That elevator woman is one of the most hilarious people in Pokémon after the shorts-loving Youngster. Now, if I was a comedy relief sort of bad guy, I'd tell you... " Clearly he knows his fair share about bad guys and the fact he is one. Everything you see here is absolutely FREE to watch. COM team works hard to keep you hard with constant, fresh porno vids posted on a DAILY basis! We've beefed up our porno playground with brand new features that are light years ahead of the so-called competition.

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