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Winston counter-sued the following month for 'defamation and tortious interference,' although the latter accusation was dismissed by a judge, cases were set to be heard in May 2017, but the case was settled in January of this year when the University of Tennessee paid out 0,000.It was initially announced that Kinsman would only take 0,000 of that figure, with the rest going to her lawyers, but her lawyer later told the New York Times that the claim was 'false,' though he declined to say what the true split would be.Authorities cited testimony 'issues.' Kinsman (right) filed a lawsuit in 2014.It was settled in January when the University of Tennessee paid 0,000Police say that the gap between the opening of the case and Meggs's announcement was due to Kinsman and her lawyer 'breaking off contact' with Tennessee Police Department during that time, and that the case was only reopened in November 2013 due to interest by journalists.From what we all know Erica Kinsman said Jameis Winston raped her on December 7th, 2012, she filed a complain with the Tallahassee police, in which she said the abused happened with the use of physical force., The report taken by the police in Tallahassee said they responded to a call from someone at campus, when they arrived at a.m they collected physical evidence as well as photos of Erica’s injuries.

Cleansed: Jameis Winston (pictured center left and right) was baptized with girlfriend Breion Allen (pictured next to Winston) at a spiritual retreat for pro athletes.

Winston was never arrested following an investigation of the woman’s allegation.

Prosecutor Willie Meggs declined to file criminal charges last year, citing a lack of evidence.

Attorneys for both Winston and the former FSU student had starkly different assessments of how the hearing went for their clients.

David Cornwell, an adviser for Winston and his family, said the hearing contained “more inconsistencies” and “more lies” about what happened in December 2012.

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