Women lawyers dating

It is very important that you understand those differences in high-stakes business like law practice.

Women very often can be looking for an emotional response that they simply are not going to get from a supervising partner.

Embrace the novelty of being a woman lawyer in a field full of men do it right. There is nothing wrong with using your charm to get the support of people, including men, but there is a fine line between using your charm and your femininity and using sex appeal.

There is no place in the law profession for flaunting sex appeal. Recognize that male lawyers and female lawyers think and interact differently.

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For instance, a young woman associate can do an excellent job on a brief or client letter and be looking for a compliment to bolster her confidence.

The male partner can think that saying "Thank You" is all that is necessary. Women in male-dominated workplaces and career fields, especially, must support each other.

As a former law partner -- but also a former part-time associate, public servant and counsel -- I know the trade-offs that are necessary for women/mothers/caretakers to succeed in our profession.

I also understand all too well the challenges facing women lawyers in a male-dominated workplace.

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